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Giving Back

The Go Bucket List Travel Caring and Sharing Program™

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!.......We appreciate your generous donation this year as well as the faith you put in our volunteers to carry out the Christmas Mother mission…... New Kent Christmas Mother” “In recognition of outstanding support in helping St Jude Children’s Research Hospital keep its promises to children and families battling cancer and other deadly diseases…..St Jude Children’s Research Hospital” “Thank you once again for your generous [Winners Circle] commitment to Special Olympics….Special Olympics Virginia”

Through our Go Bucket List Travel Caring and Sharing Program™ we celebrate each of our bookings by giving our clients an option of having us make a donation to their favorite 501(c)(3) charity, non-profit service organization, educational or religious institution as one of their “Bucket of Benefits” choices.

We at Go Bucket List Travel™ believe strongly in the importance of giving back to the community. This is our way to say thank you to the thousands of volunteers who unselfishly give their time and energies to improve and safeguard the lives of our neighbors, inspire and guide our children, care for the needy and bring vitality to our communities. We have been honored to provide Caring and Sharing Program™ donations to many worthy local and national organizations. We encourage you to learn more about their good works and to support their missions.

Your vacation, group trip, honeymoon or destination wedding will support your favorite charity!

Your group trip can become a fundraiser!

Please call us at 804-557-3006 for details.

Below are the over 60 organizations which have benefitted from our clients’ recommendations through 2017, and the list keeps growing!

Please see our Fundraising Ideas Page for information or give us a call at 804-557-3006.

Some Organizations We Have Donated To