Carefully review all the information we included in your package your airline, cruise or tour documents, your Go Bucket List Travel “Bucket Bible” daily itinerary schedule, each local tour, hotel and transfer voucher and insurance papers.

Please call us immediately at 804-557-3006 if you have any questions.


Most countries require that you have at least six months of passport validity left on your passport from your date of entry OR from your expected date of departure from the country you are visiting, plus have empty pages in your passport for entry and exit stamps.

If not, you must apply for a new passport and/or extra pages as soon as possible.

Carry a photocopy of the information pages in your passport and a passport photo with you when you travel separately from your original passport. If your passport is lost or stolen, these items can expedite the replacement process.


Do you need a tourist visa to visit the countries on your tour or cruise? It may depend on how long you intend to visit there.

As you are preparing for your upcoming trip, be sure you know if the countries on your itinerary, such as China, require a tourist visa in addition to your passport to enter the country.

As with any other type of travel you do, it is your responsibility to obtain and have available the proper visa necessary for each country you will visit.

It is extremely important that you have all the necessary travel documents before you arrive at the cruise ship or airport before you travel overseas. Boarding your cruise or airplane connection may be denied if you arrive without the proper passport and visa(s), and the unfortunate result would be that, not only would you miss the cruise or tour you’ve been waiting for, but you would also not be eligible for a refund.

There are also associated costs to obtain these additional visas.

If you are a US citizen, you should check first with the State Department at https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/general/americans-traveling-abroad.html.

Non-US citizens should check with your country’s consulate, as regulations vary.


Be sure to check with the U.S. State Department country guides or the official websites for the countries on your itinerary for current vaccination requirements.


Check with the U.S. State Department to be aware of any current travel warnings or alerts for the destinations you are about to visit.

Check https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/alertswarnings.html to be sure.

There may be weather, health, environmental or terrorist warnings issued for your chosen vacation destination.


Buy a baggage scale and keep it with you. Be sure to know the airline baggage weight and piece limitations before you go to the airport. Weigh your bags ahead of time.

Know the charges for checking bags and the penalties for overweight bags. This will vary by airline, destination, and your class of service.


We’ll let you know what types of electrical plugs and power voltage to expect at your destination. Be sure to have an international plug set and power converter handy if you are outside of North America.


Luggage Tags and TSA-Approved Locks

Use the luggage tags we gave you or the ones that came with your cruise or tour materials.

Please attach one luggage tag to each piece of luggage, including your carry-on bag to help facilitate baggage claim and group transfers.

BUT….If you are taking a cruise, do not attach your embarkation baggage tags until you are ready to give them to the cruise porters for check-in.

Buy a TSA-approved lock for each bag and be sure your bags are locked before you check-in at the airport or board your ship.

Load the Apps for Your Airline and Cruise Line

Every airline and cruise line use apps to link you to your reservation record and to upload contact information and important documents such as passport numbers and even passport photos. Have these apps ready on your phone or tablet. Establish your account and frequent flyer numbers.

Have Your Travel Documents With You and Ready

Remember to bring your passport, any required visas, vaccination cards, airline and cruise tickets, but do not pack them in your checked bags at any time. You may be required to show your continuing or return travel documents to immigration officials.


Make sure you bring more than an adequate supply of your prescription medications, as it may be impossible to refill during the vacation.

Remember not to pack your medication in your checked luggage but keep it on you or in your carry-on. Your carry-on should also include anything else you may need in transit.

Credit and Debit Cards.

Make sure your credit card companies and banks know where and when you are traveling beyond the USA.

Credit cards are widely accepted and ATMs will normally accept your credit and debit cards. We have had problems with some store cards, such as COSTCO, accepting foreign charges. Please have more than one card handy.

Keep photocopies of your cards and website logins with you in a separate place

Do Your Family and Friends Know Where You Are?

Be sure to leave contact information with family, friends or colleagues.

Your “Go Bucket List Travel “Bucket Bible” will have emergency numbers to use to reach us at any time.


Have a Plan to Receive Your Mandatory COVID Test

If you are flying back to the USA, have a plan to receive your mandatory clean COVID test within one day of your flight.

Most major international airports have walk-in or by-appointment testing facilities.

Many major hotels in Mexico and the Caribbean will offer testing services.

American flag airlines, including United, American and Delta accept the results of proctored at-home tests, such as the Abbott BinaxNOW test, but not all foreign flag carrier do.

Some airlines, such as American, utilize a third-party app to upload vaccination and testing results. American uses the VeriFly app which you should load onto your phone.


GO: Airline and Rail Ticketing Fees


  • Rail: $20 per ticket non-refundable service fee
  • Domestic Air: $35 per ticket non-refundable service fee
  • International Air: $50 per ticket non-refundable service fee
  • GO: Group Trip Planning

    We'll manage all of the details for your group

    Grab your group and let’s plan a vacation for everyone to enjoy – and profit from.

    Most people enjoy vacationing with a group of friends, but few would care to become the group leader saddled with the responsibility to manage all of the details and payments. Leave all the research, bookings, flight arrangements and payment processing to us. In some cases we’ll even escort your group.

    We’ll be happy to meet with you and your friends to map out your holiday. We’ll find for you the best group rates and benefits and take care of all of the details.

    You left as friends….we want you to return as friends

    Call us today: 804-557-3006 or email



    Every ocean and river cruise line and escorted tour company handles group “travel free” credits and group discounts and amenities differently.

    Generally, when a minimum number of travelers are booked, a credit is given at final payment on the tour leader’s booking equal to either the base rate [charges less port charges and taxes] of the lowest cabin category booked, or the average cabin category booked or the most popular cabin category booked.

    As your group agent, besides looking for the best “free travel” credit, we also ask cruise lines and tour companies for their best offers on a basket of amenities for our groups including reduced cabin rates, free or air credits, open bar, free gratuities, WIFI, shore excursion credit per port, specialty dinners, photo packages, parties, shipboard credit, reduced single rates or donations back to the organization.

    GO: Fundraising

    Let Us Help Your Non-Profit Organization Reach Its Fundraising Goal

    Tony Cassano
    Tony Cassano
    Bucket List Concierge™
    Fundraising Projects

    Fundraising has never been easier.

    Give your Bucket List Concierge™ a call toll-free today or send us an email

    Tony Cassano, Your Bucket List Concierge™ for Fundraising Projects, will be happy to answer your questions and get your project off the ground.

    Let’s discuss your fundraising goal and put a plan together to help you meet this target!

    Our Four Programs:

    The Go Bucket List Travel Caring and Sharing Program™

    Go Bucket List Travel, through it’s Caring and Sharing Program, donates 10% of its commissions to the charity of our client’s choice. We only require that the charity be IRS 501 [3][c] qualified. Our goal is to raise $10,000 a year for local charities. We want your organization to benefit as well.

    When Go Bucket List Travel handles your group bookings, our Caring and Sharing donation will accelerate your fund raising. Travel together and benefit your organization. Or simply make your membership aware of our outstanding community service program and remind them to request that your non-profit organization receive a Caring and Sharing donation for your members’ travel.

    Cruise Gift Certificates

    Go Bucket List Travel can provide your non-profit organization cruise certificates for two for travel on Carnival, Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruise Lines that you can use as a grand prize in a fundraising program. Certificates range from a simple 3-night sailing to the Bahamas to extended 7-night voyages to the Caribbean, Alaska, Canada and even Europe.

    The certificate price will vary by cabin type, length of cruise and whether taxes, fees, port charge or gratuities are included and whether there are any black-out dates. Certificates are usually good for over a year. Please see the PDF below for an example of what a 7-night Caribbean cruise gift certificate would cost.

    Specialty Travel Packages

    We can custom craft an award package to meet your specifications and fundraiser theme, such as weekends in New York City, European river cruises or escorted tours.

    We will make all of the arrangements, provide your organization with quotes for the packages and service the package booking. These packages are perfect for auction galas.

    Special Organization Projects

    For large organizations we are willing to negotiate the terms of a special program that will return to the 501.c.3 organization more that our complimentary 10% Caring and Sharing commission donation when the organization membership embark on a major trip as a fundraiser.

    Call Today or Emall Us for a No Obligation Discussion on how we can help your non-profit organization reach its fundraising goals.

    GO: Travel Insurance

    Your Trusted Source for Travel Insurance

    Nancy Cassano
    Nancy Cassano
    Bucket List Concierge™

    We at Go Bucket List Travel are in the “Peace of Mind” business. Your family vacation or group travel or tour can be the single largest investment you make in a year. We will always be on your side to ensure that your unexpected surprises will be pleasant ones. We are licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia to offer/recommend property and casualty insurance for travel.

    As protection against the unexpected, a travel insurance quote is an essential part of every Go Bucket List Travel trip plan. Go Bucket List Travel has access to over 81 travel insurance plans underwritten by 15 companies. With so many options, we will work closely with you to match your needs with the best policy for your unique circumstances.

    Our quote will be based on the type of coverage you select and your age when you book your trip.

    Costs tend to increase at age points such as 60, 70, 75, and so on. Your policy is written as a cash value covering all of your trip segments, even if you purchased a segment, such as an airline ticket, direct from a supplier other than Go Bucket List Travel.

    We recommend that you purchase your policy no later than 15 days after making your first deposit on a trip.

    Put your mind at ease. We’ll answer your travel insurance questions and find you the best coverage for your circumstances.

    Clients must decline our travel insurance offer in writing.

    Give your Bucket List Concierge™ a call toll-free today or send us an email

    True Stories:

    Several of our customers recently learned the value of having purchased travel insurance: 

    A traveler faced emergency surgery on the eve of a departure to Europe. He and his wife recovered all of their vacation payments and cancellation penalties. 

    Another client had to sadly cancel a cruise booking due to a death in the family. All payments were refunded.

    Why You Need Travel Insurance

    Consider these reasons to buy travel insurance:

    a. You need to cancel the trip due to illness

    b. You have a family emergency that requires your attention

    c. You lost your job and can no longer afford the trip

    d. Your flight has been cancelled and you missed your tour or cruise

    e. Your bags and/or golf clubs were lost enroute to your extended vacation

    f. You have a medical emergency in a foreign country

    g. A hurricane forces you to evacuate your resort or cancel your cruise

    h. Your passport and wallet are stolen and you need emergency cash as well as a replacement passport

    i. You’re in an accident and you need to be evacuated back to your regular doctor and hospital for treatment

    What Type of Policy Do You Need?

    Go Bucket List Travel can provide you an offer on the following types of travel insurance policies:

    Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance. This is the most common policy. It protects you if you get sick, or miss your trip, or the travel provider (airline, cruise line, bus transfer company) goes out of business.

    Supplemental Health Care Insurance. Always check with your health care insurance provider to see if you are covered overseas or on a cruise ship. You maybe surprised to learn that you are not. If you are covered for basic emergency care overseas you may not be covered for medical evacuation back to the states. We can also offer you a plan with an annual subscription that gives you evacuation back to your local hospital regardless of where you are traveling during the year in the United States.

    Baggage Insurance. By treaty international airline liability for lost baggage is limited to approximately $9.07 per pound for checked baggage and $400 per passenger for unchecked baggage. In the US airlines’ liability for lost or damaged luggage is $3,000 per passenger but there are excluded items on the list such as jewelry.

    Non-refundable Ticket Insurance. Some policies also offer straight coverage if you buy the non-refundable airline ticket and then can’t use it and don’t want to be hit with the minimum $100-$150 change fee.

    Worldwide Rental Car Collision Coverage. This type of policy is helpful if your personal auto insurance policy will not cover your rental car and you are on an extended tour where the local rental car insurance would be very expensive.

    Group Travel Coverage. Policies can be written for groups of 10 more that cover trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, baggage/personal effects, baggage delay, emergency accident/sickness medical expense (usually up to $50,000), emergency evacuation up to $250,000,, 24 hour accidental death & dismemberment, plus optional “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage for an individual or the entire group.

    Student Group Travel Protection. Student travel can be fun but anything can go wrong. For international travel the costs for medical care and evacuation can be through the roof. Don’t let your student group travel without this protection.

    Golf Travel Insurance. Special insurance is available to cover your lost or delayed golf equipment and refund your prepaid golf fees. There is even a plan that will reimburse for the celebratory round of drinks (up to $250) at the clubhouse if you get a hole-in-one.

    Adventure/Extreme Sports Travel. Most basic travel insurance policies exclude adventure travel. We can find you supplemental policies that will protect you while mountain climbing, scuba diving and other adventure and extreme sports.

    Credit Card Coverage. Be sure you know your credit card’s terms and conditions. Some do include flight accident insurance, rental car insurance or limited baggage insurance.

    Terrorism and Ransom Policies. Very few policies cover trip cancellation for reasons of any kind of terrorism. There are special policies that will cover you if you are headed to an unstable part of the world and may need evacuation and trip cancellation coverage. Some will even cover your enemy’s ransom request.