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Nancy Cassano
Nancy Cassano
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We at Go Bucket List Travel are in the “Peace of Mind” business. Your family vacation or group travel or tour can be the single largest investment you make in a year. We will always be on your side to ensure that your unexpected surprises will be pleasant ones. We are licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia to offer/recommend property and casualty insurance for travel.

As protection against the unexpected, a travel insurance quote is an essential part of every Go Bucket List Travel trip plan. Go Bucket List Travel has access to over 81 travel insurance plans underwritten by 15 companies. With so many options, we will work closely with you to match your needs with the best policy for your unique circumstances.

Our quote will be based on the type of coverage you select and your age when you book your trip.

Costs tend to increase at age points such as 60, 70, 75, and so on. Your policy is written as a cash value covering all of your trip segments, even if you purchased a segment, such as an airline ticket, direct from a supplier other than Go Bucket List Travel.

We recommend that you purchase your policy no later than 15 days after making your first deposit on a trip.

Put your mind at ease. We’ll answer your travel insurance questions and find you the best coverage for your circumstances.

Clients must decline our travel insurance offer in writing.

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True Stories:

Several of our customers recently learned the value of having purchased travel insurance: 

A traveler faced emergency surgery on the eve of a departure to Europe. He and his wife recovered all of their vacation payments and cancellation penalties. 

Another client had to sadly cancel a cruise booking due to a death in the family. All payments were refunded.

Why You Need Travel Insurance

Consider these reasons to buy travel insurance:

a. You need to cancel the trip due to illness

b. You have a family emergency that requires your attention

c. You lost your job and can no longer afford the trip

d. Your flight has been cancelled and you missed your tour or cruise

e. Your bags and/or golf clubs were lost enroute to your extended vacation

f. You have a medical emergency in a foreign country

g. A hurricane forces you to evacuate your resort or cancel your cruise

h. Your passport and wallet are stolen and you need emergency cash as well as a replacement passport

i. You’re in an accident and you need to be evacuated back to your regular doctor and hospital for treatment

What Type of Policy Do You Need?

Go Bucket List Travel can provide you an offer on the following types of travel insurance policies:

Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance. This is the most common policy. It protects you if you get sick, or miss your trip, or the travel provider (airline, cruise line, bus transfer company) goes out of business.

Supplemental Health Care Insurance. Always check with your health care insurance provider to see if you are covered overseas or on a cruise ship. You maybe surprised to learn that you are not. If you are covered for basic emergency care overseas you may not be covered for medical evacuation back to the states. We can also offer you a plan with an annual subscription that gives you evacuation back to your local hospital regardless of where you are traveling during the year in the United States.

Baggage Insurance. By treaty international airline liability for lost baggage is limited to approximately $9.07 per pound for checked baggage and $400 per passenger for unchecked baggage. In the US airlines’ liability for lost or damaged luggage is $3,000 per passenger but there are excluded items on the list such as jewelry.

Non-refundable Ticket Insurance. Some policies also offer straight coverage if you buy the non-refundable airline ticket and then can’t use it and don’t want to be hit with the minimum $100-$150 change fee.

Worldwide Rental Car Collision Coverage. This type of policy is helpful if your personal auto insurance policy will not cover your rental car and you are on an extended tour where the local rental car insurance would be very expensive.

Group Travel Coverage. Policies can be written for groups of 10 more that cover trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, baggage/personal effects, baggage delay, emergency accident/sickness medical expense (usually up to $50,000), emergency evacuation up to $250,000,, 24 hour accidental death & dismemberment, plus optional “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage for an individual or the entire group.

Student Group Travel Protection. Student travel can be fun but anything can go wrong. For international travel the costs for medical care and evacuation can be through the roof. Don’t let your student group travel without this protection.

Golf Travel Insurance. Special insurance is available to cover your lost or delayed golf equipment and refund your prepaid golf fees. There is even a plan that will reimburse for the celebratory round of drinks (up to $250) at the clubhouse if you get a hole-in-one.

Adventure/Extreme Sports Travel. Most basic travel insurance policies exclude adventure travel. We can find you supplemental policies that will protect you while mountain climbing, scuba diving and other adventure and extreme sports.

Credit Card Coverage. Be sure you know your credit card’s terms and conditions. Some do include flight accident insurance, rental car insurance or limited baggage insurance.

Terrorism and Ransom Policies. Very few policies cover trip cancellation for reasons of any kind of terrorism. There are special policies that will cover you if you are headed to an unstable part of the world and may need evacuation and trip cancellation coverage. Some will even cover your enemy’s ransom request.