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GO: Trip Planning Fees

Bucket List Concierge™ Travel Excellence Program Fees

We commit our time and effort to maximize the value of our Bucketeers’ travel budget and the richness of their vacation or honeymoon experiences. Our travel guests appreciate and recognize the cost of our time and the level of effort we make on their behalf.

We are so confident you’ll love our Bucket List Concierge™ Travel Excellence Program, that we offer an unconditional guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will gladly refund your retainer, yet still handle every detail of your trip.

1. Independent Custom Travel Concierge Service

  • For client consultation and research and booking services for all aspects of the custom international, Hawaii or Alaska vacation or honeymoon. Includes a Comparative Analysis of hotels and resorts as well as our recommendations. On Bucketeer’s approval we will provide quotations and booking services for hotels, resorts, B&B’s, villas, apartments, agritourism properties, private guides, daily activities, museum and activity tickets, rental cars, private and shared transfers, park ‘n fly packages, travel insurance, custom amenities, cuisine restrictions and mobility access requirements. We review health tests and documentation as well as passport/visa requirements. Clients will receive a detailed daily activities booklet with maps, vouchers, contact information for all hotels, car rentals or transfers and tours. Custom “Know Before You Go” information. 24/7 Emergency service.
  • Travel guests must agree to the proposed itinerary before bookings are made on their behalf.
  • Travel guests must declare in writing at the time of booking when they decline purchase of trip cancellation or interruption insurance.
  • $250.00 [International] ... $150.00 [USA] per trip

2. Cruise and Escorted Tour Excellence Retainer

  • For client private consultations, research and Comparative Analysis of cruise and tour options for vacations or honeymoons, including custom pre and post tour/cruise packages. On Bucketeer selection, we will provide final quotations and booking services for the appropriate tour operator or cruise line, cruise tours, including hotel/stateroom selection and optional excursions - including private guides, travel insurance, custom amenities and transfers. We will complete the client pre-tour/cruise registration, review health tests and passport/visa requirements, arrange dining times and alert the tour operator/cruise line to cuisine restrictions, bedding and mobility access requirements. 24/7 Emergency assistance.
  • Travel guests must agree to the proposed itinerary before bookings are made on their behalf.
  • Travel guests must declare in writing at the time of booking when they decline the purchase of trip cancellation or interruption insurance.
  • $100.00 per tour or cruise

3. Church, Family and Educational Group Travel

  • Please call us a 804-557-3006 for information
  • 4. Airline and Rail Research and Ticketing (domestic and foreign)

    We ask that our travel guests declare if they wish us to arrange their air and ground transportation.

    For those who do, we will research the best flight and rail schedules and fares from our wholesale and public sources and present our recommendations for approval. Estimated fares will include associated fees such as seat assignment and prepaid baggage fees when applicable. On selection, we will make the appropriate reservations, select seat assignments and prepare required airline traveler profiles. Flight and rail costs will always be subject to change until reserved.

  • Rail: $20 per ticket
  • Domestic Air: $35 per ticket
  • International Air: $50 per ticket
  • 5. Trip Insurance Claims Processing

  • No charge when purchased through Go Bucket List Travel™
  • 6. Internet Vacation Comparative Analysis Report

    • We understand that from time to time you will come across an Internet special but be wary of tricks and traps that may cloud the actual value of the offer. After a private consultation we will be delighted to research the offer and the ratings of the supplier. You will be provided with our advice as to the quality of the offer and a Comparative Analysis of options that may more closely meet your expectations.
    • $50 per Project