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Our 2023 Bucketeer Adventure℠ schedule is coming together nicely with FIVE spectacular group trips you will love to join.

  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Japan
  • Southern France
  • Switzerland and Austria
  • Egypt

We’ll start the year with a rebook of our cancelled January 2022 Bucketeer cruise to New Zealand and Australia. This cruise will now depart Auckland on January 26, 2023.

In March join us us on a 13 day cruise around Japan in the heart of the cherry blossom season.

In late May, a gorgeous time of year, we will cruise the magical Saône and Rhône Rivers for 11 days through picturesque Southern France.

Our next adventure will follow in July with an 11-day small group tour, from Vienna, Austria to Zurich, Switzerland. Our tour will take us by bus, rail and ship through the stunning landscape of Austria and Switzerland, including a day on the Glacier Express between Chur and Zermatt, Switzerland.

Finally, on November 10, 2023 we will return to Egypt for an exciting seven nights on the Nile River and four nights in Cairo.

Please see our Specials Page for complete itineraries and prices of these and all of our 2023 deals.

When you join one of our hosted Bucketeer Adventures, you’ll enjoy:

  • Exceptional prices, some up to $1,000 off per person,
  • Free amenities that will save your thousands,
  • A special Bucket of Benefits,
  • Travel with fun-loving Bucketeers,
  • Reduced group travel insurance rates,
  • Access to bulk-rates for air travel,
  • Military discounts
  • Plus, you’ll travel worry-free - leaving all the details to us.

Do take advantage of these specials. 2023 may seem far off, but rest assured that the cruises and tours will fill up quickly.

Please see our Specials Page for all the details on these and other 2023 vacation deals.

Please contact us today at 804-557-3006 to hold your spot.