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Tony Cassano
Tony Cassano
Bucket List Concierge™
Fundraising Projects

“On behalf of the Rotary Club of Whitefish I would like to thank you for arranging the trips we auctioned off at our Spirit of Whitefish event. Your generosity has helped make it possible for Rotary to continue our legacy of charitable work throughout the Valley. Again, thank you so much” Rotary Club of Whitefish, MT

Fundraising and managing Incentive Travel has never been easier.

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Tony Cassano, Your Bucket List Concierge™ for Fundraising and Corporate Incentive Projects, will be happy to answer your questions and get your project off the ground.

Let’s discuss your fundraising goal and put a plan together to help you meet this target!

Our Four Programs:

The Go Bucket List Travel Caring and Sharing Program™ Donations

Through Go Bucket List Travel’s Bucket of Benefits Program, clients spending over $2,000 [not including air] on a travel project may request that Go Bucket List Travel donate 10% of its commission to the charity or religious institution of our client’s choice. We only require that the charity receiving this Caring and Sharing donation be IRS 501 [3][c] qualified. Our goal is to support our local churches and charities. We want your organization to benefit as well. Simply make your membership aware of our outstanding community service program and remind them to request that your church or favorite non-profit organization receive a Caring and Sharing donation for their travel.

Church or Non-Profit Group Trips

When Go Bucket List Travel handles your church or non-profit bookings, our Caring and Sharing donation will accelerate your fund raising. With groups of 10 or more, the benefits can accelerate to allow pastors or group leaders to travel at lower prices.

Travel Options for Incentive Awards or Fundraising Raffles, Door Prizes and Auctions

Go Bucket List Travel will be happy to custom craft an award package to meet your specifications and fundraiser theme, such as cruises, resort stays, river cruises, trips to theme parks, resort stays or escorted tours.

We will make all of the arrangements, provide your organization with quotes for the packages and service the package booking. These packages are perfect for auction galas and incentive awards.

Special Organization Projects

For large organizations we are willing to negotiate the terms of a special program that will return to the 501.c.3 organization more that our complimentary 10% Caring and Sharing donation when the organization membership embarks on a major trip as a fundraiser.

Call Today or Emall Us for a No Obligation Discussion on how we can help your non-profit organization reach its fundraising goals.