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Read Your Travel Documents Front to Back

Carefully review all the information we included in your package your airline, cruise or tour documents, your Go Bucket List Travel “Bucket Bible” daily itinerary schedule, each local tour and transfer vouchers and insurance papers.

Please call us immediately at 804-557-3006 if you have any questions.

Is Your Passport Current?

Most countries require that you have at least six months of passport validity left on your passport from your date of entry OR from your expected date of departure from the country you are visiting, plus have empty pages in your passport for entry and exit stamps.

If not, you must apply for a new passport and/or extra pages as soon as possible.

Carry a photocopy of the information pages in your passport and a passport photo with you when you travel separately from your original passport. If your passport is lost or stolen, these items can expedite the replacement process.

CLICK HERE for the US State Department Passport Information Website

CLICK HERE for USA Passport Applications for First Issue and Renewal

CLICK HERE for Current Passport Application Fees

Do You Need a Tourist Visa?

Do you need a tourist visa to visit the countries on your tour or cruise? It may depend on how long you intend to visit there.

As you are preparing for your upcoming trip, be sure you know if the countries on your itinerary require a tourist visa in addition to your passport to enter the country.

As with any other type of travel you do, it is your responsibility to obtain and have available the proper visa necessary for each country you will visit.

It is extremely important that you have all the necessary travel documents before you arrive at the cruise ship or airport before you travel overseas. Boarding your cruise or airplane connection may be denied if you arrive without the proper passport and visa(s), and the unfortunate result would be that, not only would you miss the cruise or tour you’ve been waiting for, but you would also not be eligible for a refund.

There are also associated costs to obtain these additional visas.

If you are a US citizen, you should check first with the State Department at https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/general/americans-traveling-abroad.html.

Non-US citizens should check with your country’s consulate, as regulations vary.

Are Your Vaccinations Up To Date?

Be sure to check with the U.S. State Department country guides or the official websites for the countries on your itinerary for current vaccination requirements.

Are There Any Alerts or Warnings?

Check with the U.S. State Department to be aware of any current travel warnings or alerts for the destinations you are about to visit.

Check https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/alertswarnings.html to be sure.

There may be weather, health, environmental or terrorist warnings issued for your chosen vacation destination.

Is Your Baggage Too Heavy?

Be sure to know the airline baggage weight and piece limitations before you go to the airport and weigh your bags ahead of time.

Know the charges for checking bags and the penalties for overweight bags. This will vary by airline, destination, and your class of service.

Are Your Power Converters and Electric Plugs Ready?

We’ll let you know what types of electrical plugs and power voltage to expect at your destination. Be sure to have an international plug set and power converter handy if you are outside of North America.

When It is Time to Go

Use Luggage Tags and TSA-Approved Locks

- Use the luggage tags we gave you or the ones that came with your cruise or tour materials.

- Please attach one luggage tag to each piece of luggage, including your carry-on bag to help facilitate baggage claim and group transfers.

- BUT….If you are taking a cruise, do not attach your embarkation baggage tags until you are ready to give them to the cruise porters for check-in.

-Buy a TSA-approved lock for each bag and be sure your bags are locked before you check-in at the airport or board your ship.

Have Your Travel Documents With You and Ready

-Remember to bring your passport, any required visas, airline and cruise tickets, but do not pack them in your checked bags at any time. You may be required to show your continuing or return travel documents to immigration officials.


-Make sure you bring more than an adequate supply of your prescription medications, as it may be impossible to refill during the vacation.

-Remember not to pack your medication in your checked luggage but keep it on you or in your carry-on. Your carry-on should also include anything else you may need in transit.

Credit and debit cards.

-Make sure your credit card companies and banks know where and when you are traveling beyond the USA.

-Credit cards are widely accepted and ATMs will normally accept your credit and debit cards.

-Keep photocopies of your cards and website logins with you in a separate place

Do Your Family and Friends Know Where You Are?

-Be sure to leave contact information with family, friends or colleagues.

-Your “Go Bucket List Travel “Bucket Bible” will have emergency numbers to use to reach us at any time.