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The Vatican Museum With a Wheelchair

Touring Europe when you face mobility issues is a challenge, especially when in Rome. Please call us at 804-557-3006 with your questions.

The good news is that the Vatican Museum embraces a special mission to support those with disabilities. The Museum offers free wheelchairs at the reception area for those who need them [you will need to surrender your passport]. Visitors with a doctor’s certificate of 74% or more disability are also offered free admission for themselves and their care companion.

The bad news is that most Vatican Museum guided tours do not accommodate wheel chaired travelers due to the many steps throughout the sprawling building [We can connect you with a private guide for this massive Museum].

The good news is that there are handicap accessible elevators from floor to floor and wheelchair access down to the Sistine Chapel level is possible by chair lift through a special route.

Most guided tours move from the Sistine Chapel down a flight of steps to an entrance to St Peter’s Basilica. You will have to head back to the Museum reception area to return the wheelchair and recover your passport. From there we suggest a taxi over to the St Peter’s Basilica entrance. It is a walk of nearly 3/4 of a mile over level sidewalk.

Look for the special handicapped entrance on the right side of the Basilica where you can enjoy an elevator lift and avoid the many steps up to the Basilica.