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Jamaica Cares

Congratulations to the Government of Jamaica for developing a reasonably priced island-wide visitor medical travel insurance program. Effective the end of November, visitors to Jamaica will be automatically enrolled in the Jamaica Cares Program at a cost of approximately $40 per person. This Government of Jamaica insurance program will cover the visitor for case management, transportation, patient care, with COVID-19 related coverage including testing for symptomatic travelers, quarantine and evacuations if necessary. The insurance covers medical emergencies up to $50,000 while on the island and $100,000 while traveling.

Traveling to Jamaica requires the completion of a Travel Authorization Form filled out five days before arriving on the island. [ see https://travelauth.visitjamaica.com/ for the form ]. Pre COVID testing is mandatory with samples taken no more than 10 days prior to arrival in Jamaica. For current information on what types of tests are accepted, please see the official Visit Jamaica website at [ https://www.visitjamaica.com/travelauthorization/test-req/ ] picture courtesy of Sandals

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