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Windstar No Longer Requires Travelers to be Vaccinated

Windstar is the latest cruise line to eliminate the need for a COVID vaccination to board.

From Windstar: “For sailings embarking June 1, 2023 and beyond, Windstar will no longer require guests to be vaccinated for COVID-19 unless required by the local government. This change applies for guests only; our crew will still be required to be vaccinated. And while no longer required, we recommend all guests keep up to date with their COVID-19 vaccines.

This update to our COVID-19 policy comes after much deliberation. Since 2020 when the pandemic began, we’ve made significant investments to our health and safety processes including upgrading all of the HVAC systems on our ships with HEPA filters and an extra layer of protection, UV-C irradiation. It is a cleaner and safer environment on board. When combined with the availability of vaccines and medical treatments and the reduced severity of the disease, the risk factor is considerably lower now.

Guests will continue to fill out a health questionnaire at embarkation. Windstar carries COVID-19 diagnostic tests on board for guests, and we’ve lowered the cost to $19/antigen and $59/PCR.”

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